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I never thought this would ever get an animation, but I'm so glad it did, fantastic Job!

Carbonwater responds:


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This was a really nice game, the puzzle design felt really clever and it is presented in a way that is clear so you know what you're doing. Aesthetically, I am really digging the spritework, however, I feel the text could be changed into something that fits the game's theme as well as some possible UI to hold the text and give it some flair. I'll say it again, but I really enjoyed playing this game and I look forward to what you got in store in the future.

I actually really dig this game's overall aesthetic, and some of these puzzles are pretty interesting. The only thing I think could be improved is to give some more clarity on the opening tutorial (mostly just for the part where you had to drop down then jump for instance which took me a while to understand.) But for reals you've got some crazy potential for great stuff. I'm looking forward to what you've got in store next!

MorsGames responds:

Thanks! That tutorial was honestly the best thing I could come up within the time limit. If I described it with text it probably would've been clearer, but I didn't really want to use text anywhere in the game other than the title and the ending to keep the alien planet feeling if that makes sense.

Normally I'm not too fond of RPG Maker games, however this game stands out greatly! Dialogue and the comedy complements the game quite well and I found the game's cases to be extremely engaging. I can't wait for the next episode in the series!

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For your first few attempts this is looking pretty good. It's up to you in the end, but it would be cool to see more nsfw stuff from you.

PlatinumFusi0n responds:

thanks mang, I'm never opposed to drawing things that are inherently sexy, but I just wanted people to know that this isn't a regular thing for me to do.

I'm really digging your art style here. Not to mention how expressive Walla is. Keep up the good work.

Very nice colors on this piece.

maruki responds:

thanks a lot

Yo I'm Rah and I make draw sometimes and play fight games competitively. Also NSFW here, so 18+ and all that jazz.

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